In 2016, we organised 12 game jams across Europe, Tunisia and Canada and more than 50 games were developed on the theme of improving the learning of mathematics. We have brought together the winning teams from some of the JamToday locations in Florence for a live Business Game Jam and we invite other jammers to come along and take part. We will show you how a game jam is set up, what to expect and plan for, and how to use a game jam for your own purposes.

What is a game jam (for applied games)? by Willem-Jan Renger from JamToday on Vimeo.

In Florence on Monday 30 November, the teams will focus on their prototypes as potential products for the market. We will set them the challenge of developing business strategies and marketing strategies. We want them to feel and believe that they can be entrepreneurs by showing what they have done and evolving as potential professionals.

The Business Game Jam will take them through the entrepreneurial cycle, step-by-step, challenge after challenge, so that they can learn by playing. The kind of output we expect will be mission and vision statements, a mock-up product box, using the visual business model canvas, designs for logo and branding and so forth. We will have experts and visitors on hand to provide mentorship, tools and advice to the different teams. At the end of the day the teams will pitch their product and the business model around it and in so doing bring the game jam to its next level.

The teams will pitch their product and games at a cocktail ceremony. All participants of the JamToday Fair will have the chance to meet the teams and play the games during the JamToday Fair.