Over the last year JamToday organised 12 game jams in cities throughout Europe, Canada and Tunisia and made over 100 games relating to all aspects of the Learning of Mathematics. In Florence on the 30th of November we invite you to meet some of the teams that took part in those game jams and welcome you to a live showcase of gamification and prototyping.

In collaboration with the Transmango project JamToday is hosting its Annual Fair focusing on the game developers and the creative process of making games.

Over the last three years, JamToday tackled different areas such as improving digital skills,  Healthcare and Wellbeing and supporting the learning of Mathematics.

During 2016, the JamToday network organised game jams in 12 cities across the world: Almeria, Barcelona, Genk, Graz, Linz, Ottawa, Oviedo, Paris, Sofia, Turin, Tunis, Utrecht.

The JamToday Fair 2016 in Florence will showcase some of the best examples from the game jams on mathematics and broaden the exercise with a live game storm on the future of food.

The winning teams from these different game jams will also take part in a Business Game Jam where they will work on further developing the commercial aspects of their prototypes and receive mentorship and advice from experts. And you can watch and take part as well!

So, if you are interested in some quick but effective new ways to take your work forward, come along and enjoy the JamToday Fair with us in Florence.