At the JamToday Fair 2016, together with the Transmango Project, JamToday organises a game-storm session on the future of food. A game-storm is a combination between a game jam and a brainstorm. In this session, participants will get in contact with different creative interventions that can lead to previously unheard ideas.

As upcoming young professionals, participants will be introduced to the topic and guided by experts in the field of applied games and to creative design tools which can lead to innovative prototypes and ideas. These ideas can potentially contribute to inventing new food chain models and are responsive to the changing needs for sustainable food.

The TRANS MANGO project is a European research project funded under the 7th Framework Programme about food security and the transition to a more sustainable food chain: from production to consumption, and everything in between and after that.

TRANSMANGO aims to obtain a comprehensive picture of the effects of the global drivers of change on European and global food demand and on raw material production. The research focuses on the vulnerability and resilience of European food systems in a context of socio-economic, behavioral, technological, institutional and agro-ecological change and aims to enhance understanding of the new challenges and opportunities that the food sector will face in the future.

The game-storm is commissioned by TRANSMANGO in collaboration with the University of Leuven, HKU University of the Arts Utrecht, JamToday! and experts from the field of sustainable food strategies.